Can’t we all just get along?

Something I have never done, is attack another writer, or their work. I don’t do this because I understand how hard it is to build a readership without a fellow writer torpedoing you. There are writers out there whose work I would not recommend, but the judgement is not mine to hold. Hell, there are those out there who might not recommend me. I think that is for the readership to decide, and not based on some sideshow arsehole smackdown.

Beyond the scope of their writing, what if they are an arsehole?

Generally, if I find someone that repugnant, I simply delete them from my circle. In one case I did this, after no longer wanting to read this writer’s self-righteous bullshit posts. I never mentioned his name or his bullshit nor will I ever. He’s still out there, making an idiot out of himself, calling out others, but I won’t name him or his work. He’s not the only one, there’s been a handful. Usually if you open a post with, “If you don’t agree with what I’m saying, you can just unfriend me right now.” I tend to oblige the preamble, and skip the post because there’s nothing left to discuss.

I don’t base friendship on politics. I have friends in all camps, although our friendships are anything but political. Sometimes, I shoot my mouth off about politics or the state of the world. These are my opinions, and if you don’t agree I’m cool with that. I usually only get my back up when someone starts getting personal or starts name calling. I consider this the last bastion of the lost argument. Nothing left to offer, so damn the torpedoes. “You’re a douchebag, MJ!”

I believe in respect, and I believe that social media has yet to find a balance between moderation and censorship. I’m a firm believer in free speech and free expression, but always with a modicum of respect. I also believe that if we don’t listen to those we oppose, we are destined to repeat past mistakes.

When I hear a writer bash another writer, I am dismayed. I know we’re made of the same things as the non-writers but I always thought there was an unwritten rule for those who write. Something like the physicians hippocratic oath, “Let it hereby be known that we of the authors guilded goodness, declare that we shall disparage no scribe and leath that to the readership.”

Perhaps not. Certainly, the bashing continues and quite publicly and to all walks of writers from indie to international bestseller. I won’t do this to another writer. Whether I remain an underdog of indie or get lucky, I will always support my fellow writers as they bring voice to the written word in all it’s wonder.

Thanks for listening.


* Book 1 – Highwayman * Book 2 – FOUR

“How different from other books I have read, the twists and turns of this killer. How he plans and executes his crimes to his reasoning and acceptance of it. How he views himself is spelled out in a disparaging display of dark manipulation of facts and people. – Barnes and Noble Review