The Equinox


MJ Preston writes Horror

“For those looking for a throwback to the writings of Stephen King . . . The Equinox by MJ Preston . . . [brings] horror back to its core” Philip C. Perron, Dark Discussions Podcast

The Equinox by Author MJ Preston

THE EQUINOX, is a Horror novel about Monsters unfolding within the boundaries of the Manitoba town of Thomasville. The story opens with Derek Wakeman, a young farm boy, who becomes an unwitting observer to his neighbor Stephen Hopper’s unsettling act of burying a missing child’s body. This haunting revelation marks the inception of a grim sequence, where a series of young boys fall victim to Hopper’s sinister actions.

As Police Chief David Logan investigates what initially appears to be an isolated murder, the horrifying truth unravels, revealing the cornfield to be a graveyard of serial murder. The somber atmosphere escalates as the cornfield on Hopper’s farm becomes a repository for the unearthed bodies, accompanied by an eerie, otherworldly connection to the murders. Hopper’s claims take a chilling turn as he cites his involvement in appeasing a monstrous entity known as a Skinwalker. Chief Logan remains skeptical, even with the arrival of Daniel Blackbird, a indigenous figure, who claims he has been pursuing the creature for over fourteen years. Little does Logan know that the town he polices is about to become a battleground where cultures and worlds collide.

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