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Let me tell you a story 

I’m going to give it to you straight. I am one of the millions of writers struggling to catch your attention long enough to pitch my storytelling to you. A tall order when millions of other writers are doing the same, but that’s the nature of the beast.

Please indulge me, as I ask for just a minute of your time.

Since I was a kid there’s been this thing inside me that compelled me to follow a career path that is such a long shot. A vocation where even the most talented writer’s fight for very review, every book sale, every reader they can find. If I were smart, I’d hang up my skates and go fishing, but just because you know how to put words together, doesn’t mean your smart. So, I keep writing, trekking along, doing my best to stay positive and selling myself to you, potential reader.

Every writer dreams of that big break out novel. The one that makes their work a feasible in the search for new and constant readers. Once you’ve established that audience, you can cultivate it, by connecting with your readers, and giving more of what makes them grow. More of yourself.

Right now, I am working a day job, because the bills need to get paid. Comparably, Stephen King worked as a substitute teacher, and in an industrial laundry while he sought that breakout novel, which just happened to be Carrie. Most writers work a day job their whole life, juggling their schedules, between family, rest, and beating those damn keys into a story for a projected reading audience.

That’s you, by the way.

I have worked my whole life toward being a storyteller. When I served in the military, I carried a pen and loose leaf in the field, in barracks I wrote, while others played. When I became a trucker, I carried a laptop on the road and when I pulled into a loading dock, stopped for a break, or the end of the day, I pulled out that laptop in pursuit of one story or another. I wrote two novels on the steering wheels of several big trucks, in every imaginable make and combination.

And I’m still working, except I’m older now. And there are readers returning to my work, who know me by name, and dig what I do. But I need more of you. I want more of you. 

That’s why I keep going.


M.J Preston

MJ Preston writes freelance and is also an Author at WildBlue Press. To check out their fantastic selection of books, click here

M.J. Favorite Quotes:

Let me be clear about this. I don’t have a drug problem. I have a police problem.

— Keith Richards

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

–Edgar Allan Poe