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Author Mj Preston creates an epic page-turner, with Canada’s frozen north as the setting and the Earth as the ultimate prize   --Gregory L. Norris, author of Tales from the Robot Graveyard

In 2012 and 2013, Author, M.J. Preston set out to run the worlds longest Ice Road. Now he's returned with the much anticipated novel Acadia Event.

Marty Croft has it all.
A beautiful wife and a successful career as a commercial artist. However, he has a secret and it has come back to haunt him. Enter Gordon Shamus. Gordon is a psychopath with a short fuse who won't take "no" for an answer. Forced back into a world he thought he had left behind
Marty heads to the ice roads of Canada to do one last heist.

In a twist of fate, that becomes least of his worries. At the Acadia Diamond Mine they have made a major discovery. Something buried in the ice, not of this world and it is about to be unleashed.

Get it on Kindle or available in Trade Paperback

Preston turns what could easily have been a stock horror story into a tale that horrifies while dispensing generous dollops of Native American mysticism.    --TT Horror World

A Must Read for Traditional Horror Enthusiasts.

When a tribe of native people in the Northwest Territories of Canada are snowed in from the world, they are forced to resort to inhuman ways of survival. When a presence is drawn to their suffering, an evil blankets over their continued existence until a misfortunate occurrence results in the spread of the terror to more populated lands. 

With its ensemble cast, the novel takes paths that lead to a serial killer, demonic monsters, and a police department that slowly discovers that there may be something deeper into the crimes that have transpired in their small farming town in Manitoba.

Get it on Kindle or available in Trade Paperback

MJ Preston doesn't hesitate to go for the throat, and, from start to finish, his six tales do not disappoint. Everyone has a breaking point and Preston pushes his characters beyond theirs and then some. --Alex Scully NAMELESS DIGEST


A collection of 6 short stories by M.J. Preston that take you into the dark passages of his writing. Whether it's serial killers, apocalyptic zealots, man hungry spiders or even skinwalkers, the tales intertwine with many of his other works.

  • Run-off 31
  • Revelation Lamb
  • Passion
  • The Children of Romani Phoneutria
  • Counting Paces
  • End of the Line

Get it on Kindle or available in Trade Paperback

Overall, a fun book (assuming highway-themed carnage is your idea of a party) with all ten authors bringing their own interpretation of the theme. Talented writers each and every one of them – I just wouldn’t recommend carpooling with any of them.  --David Goudsward HELLNOTES

JUST RELEASED in November 2016!

MJ Preston conjures the talents of writers from all over North America in his second issue of DARK PASSAGES: TALES FROM THE BACK HIGHWAY.  Follow a biker on a murderous road trip in: THE HOLLOW MAN by MJ PRESTON.  Ride with Dan as he tries to undo a family tragedy in THE FIRST AND (MAYBE) LAST RIDE by B.E. SCULLY. THe stories are as diverse as the talented writers.

What you'll find on the Black Highway are caniverous plants, serial killer dumping grounds, exorcisms in progress or things unknown lurking in the snow. 

This 8X10 collection is available in print only art and illustration by MJ Preston.

Get it in on Kindle or available in Trade Paperback


I have also had my stories published in Anthologies and had my story appear in a Fanzine called: Summerlands and have had my work broadcasted on the audio magazine popular Tales to Terrify


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