I want to welcome you to my new blog, The Voyeur. My previous blog, The Dark Word of M.J. Preston, has officially been retired. From this point on, this is where you’ll find me and my wide-ranging views on everything from books, film, music, photography, ice road dispatches, and even the Highwayman Files.

The Voyeur is a blog that will breach all sorts of topics and opinions, drawing the line at politics. I want to invoke, not provoke, so The Voyeur is a polarization free zone. And let’s be honest, folks, who needs that garbage anyway? So, that’s how this is going to roll.

Come and take a ride with me as I recount a cold night north of the 60th parallel or as I venture into the utter blackness of the human condition. There’s been a lot of advertising and promotion around who I am, and the latest campaign is M.J. Preston writes: Horror, Syfy, Crime Fiction. All true, I’m a cross-genre writer, but before I wrote ACADIA EVENT, which is about an alien invasion in the north, I went to the NWT, drove the ice roads, took thousands of photos, and soaked up everything I saw.

Before I wrote the Highwayman series, I immersed myself in the world of serial murder. From crime scene collection to researching case files, reading and listening to interviews with investigators, forensic pathologists, and FBI profilers. My true crime library increased, with books by FBI mind hunters, John Douglas and Robert Ressler, and a whole host of others who contribute to the hunt. I tried to find my way into the minds of the monsters that move incognito, hiding in plain sight as their hungry for dominance and murder is carefully concealed. Along with that, I forged some new friendships with the true-crime authors who helped me understand the dynamics of the human predator I wanted to write about. To be a writer,  I am first a voyeur. So, the Highwayman files will reflect on that research, and as in the case of the forthcoming three-part blog: Researching True-Crime.

I hope you will join me in the pages of THE VOYEUR and of course, please read all my novels and stories because that is why I do all this crazy stuff in the first place.

Let’s get to it!

M.J. Preston -The Voyeur


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